De titel van deze post is een aangepaste versie van een bekende uitspraak van Hannibal uit de serie The A-team: "I love it when a plan comes together" Ik heb geen plan. Wel heb ik een beeld van de richting die ik...
From 23 to 25 September 2009, thousands of creative minds from all over the world will come together in Amsterdam for the fourth 'converence(sen)sation' PICNIC. An inspiring, fascinating and entertaining festival, with several keynote speakers like Media Futurist Gerd Leonhard, Biomedical Gerontologist Aubrey de Grey, and many others. Media Futurist Gerd Leonhard - We Need To Be Open Biomedical Gerontologist Aubrey de Grey - We Can Cure Aging Media Guru Jef Jarvis - Think Small Business Professor Emeritus of Psychology Philip ZImbardo - How To Deal With Time
Graphic designer and artist Paula Scher says you need to be serious, not solemn, to design great things. She makes clear what she means by this by showing some of her best designs. Confusing Though the presentation is very inspiring I don't see why the words 'serious' and 'solemn' are so important. To me these words are more confusing than helpful. Instead of 'serious' I would put the words 'with full attention, not distracted by thoughts', instead of 'solemn' I would put the words 'based on thought, not on true creativity, not based on the stillness from within'. Main lesson To me the presentation confirmed my thoughts on where true creativity comes from: stillness. If you are not thinking you are fully experiencing and concentrating on what you are doing at that very moment. This brings joy to creation since you have no clue yet where this will lead you. This gives you energy and it will be the only way to produce true 'fresh creations'. Kids know this lesson already Kids are great at this because they haven't learned about the many rules that adults apply. That's why they can spend hours playing with simple blocks. They have no clue what the result will be but they enjoy the process. The 'making' itself. They are not focused on the outcome. When they get older they are taught to focus on result. This is where we lose touch with true creativity.
. There are a lot pretty cool people interviewed over at the Submarine Channel. One of my favorites is Miranda July. She was responsible for and also starred in Me and you and everyone we know. She talks about her art, that mostly exists out of pictures made by people she gave an assignment. Assignments like: photograph strangers holding hands, make an encouraging banner. Great stuff.
Vrijdag 13 november was ik samen met mijn liefste bij de 1e Nationale KansDenkDag, een inspirerende dag met veel verschillende sprekers en workshops, voor ieder wat wils. De verscheidenheid van sprekers en manier van presenteren was gevarieerd en daardoor...
A great answer to a great question. How we're all responsible for the world that we create and how the only way to change the world for the better is to embody the world that you want to see. (thanks to robinhoed for the tip!)
This poem is by Woody Harrelson. (thanks to Titia for sharing)

Eckhart Tolle

The first time I saw Eckhart Tolle was in the docudrama The Serious Business Of Happiness. A little guy with a German accent that was talking in English about being aware of the now.After this I watched his amazing lectures at the Findhorn Retreat. It's 2 DVD's that both last 2 hours and they are impressive. And funny also, at times. I encourage you to buy these DVD's. They are well worth the money. No, I'm not earning any money if you buy them.... ;-) But it will change your look at life. PS At the moment I'm reading his new book A New Earth. Also highly recommended!
Jonathan Ive met zijn eerbetoon aan Steve Jobs.
In this presentation Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the very idea that I had already embraced: True creativity doesn't come from a person, it comes from the creative genius that that person is connected to. Just remember that great ideas always come when you're not thinking. You need the silence to connect to your 'creative genius'. Meditation is a great way to create this silence.
Analyzing a list of things that have made him happy, graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister realized that almost half of the items were in some way related to design. In this 15 minute presentation, he shares the details of some...
Steve Jobs introduces the Think Different campaign in 1997. He emphasizes that business is about two key questions. Who are you? What do you stand for?
Storyteller Jay O'Callahan illustrates how stories tap into our imagination. Engage those around us. Inspire amazing achievements. Stories, he argues, are what make us alive.
The story For almost three decades, John Francis has been a planetwalker, traveling the globe by foot and sail with a message of environmental respect and responsibility. For 17 of those years without speaking. Why this story inspired me It shows what the actions of one man can lead to if he chooses to follow his instincts. Not knowing where his journey will take him but being interested in the journey. What I hope sharing this story will lead to I hope that more people become aware of their own potential to really make a difference.
At the 2007 EG conference, Kevin Kelly shares a fun stat: The World Wide Web, as we know it, is only 5,000 days old. Now, Kelly asks, how can we predict what's coming in the next... Thanks to Aurelien for...
image What happens when material things become free? Long Tail author and Wired magazine editor Chris Anderson examines new models of wealth distribution and claims we
Moviements are movements based on or catapulted by inspiring movies. Our number one moviement is: 'Home' by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. It's the latest movie with a message that you can watch online for free and that has an entire movement behind its development. A giant production like this with it's stunning images and positive but urgent message really makes you wanna get up and do something. From picking up a bottle in your favorite park when you're walking the dog, to changing your lifestyle in a more profound way. For the rest of our top ten of inspiring and free to watch online moviements from the last five years just click more to read. 2. The Story of Stuff A twenty minute presentation had a Matrix like effect on viewers when it showed them a completely new look on our current society. Host Annie Leanords' story is accompanied by a series of cartoon animations that make the story easy to understand and 'digest'. Watch the full movie. 3. Waste equals food This television documentary started a small revolution in the Netherlands around Michael Braungart and William Mcdonough’s Cradle to Cradle concept. Within six months events and corporate initiatives around the concept were initiated throughout the country. View the full 30 minute episode. 4. Supersize me It was the first movie to raise awareness to the fact that there’s a reason why fastfood is also called Junkfood. It's speculated the movie later inspired the 2006 movie Fast Food Nation and motivated Jamie Olliver to start his Jamie's School Dinner Project. Watch the full movie. 5. Bowling for Columbine One of the first Blockbuster Documentaries by Michael Moore tells the story of a gun crazed nation and the dangers this brings for it's citizens. View the complete documentary. 6. An Inconvenient Truth Al Gore’s slideshow presentation was catapulted into a worldwide movement when it was turned into a flick and shown in cinemas around the world. Watch the full movie. 7 Burb! Pepsi vs Coke A documentary from way back. Can't find any reference in IMDB or on Youtube. But still. It's about the 'war' between two well known brands Pepsi and Coca Cola. Two brands with an immense following worldwide. Maybe not a genuine moviement (yet) but an interesting story nevertheless. Watch the movie here 8 Who Killed the Electric Car Chris Paine's thought-provoking documentary Who Killed the Electric Car tells about the rise and fall of electric cars a few decades ago. Watch the movie. 9 Darwin's Nightmare A documentary on the effect of fishing the Nile perch in Tanzania's Lake Victoria. The predatory fish, which has wiped out the native species, is sold in European supermarkets, while starving Tanzanian families have to make do with the leftovers.Watch the movie 10 Religulous The documentary Religulous follows political humorist and author Bill Maher ("Real Time With Bill Maher," "Politically Incorrect") as he travels around the globe interviewing people about God and religion. Watch online. A few more interesting moviement links: The Kujilana Project Documentary Databases: Snag Films Free Got any moviements we've overlooked? Just leave comment.
Dutch typographer and graphic designer Wim Crouwel explains his "Proposal for a New Alphabet". The clip is part of the documentary film Helvetica. As a bonus I added a 20 minute interview with Wim Crouwel. Bonus: Interview with Wim Crouwel (part 1) Bonus: Interview with Wim Crouwel (part 2)
De titel van bovenstaande video is "If You Don't Understand People, You Don't Understand Business". Het woord 'business' kan makkelijk vervangen worden door het woord 'life'. Eigenlijk gaat het hele betoog dus gewoon over hele menselijke dingen. Zoals vertrouwen. Waarom het woord 'business'...
Bill Gates hopes to solve some of the world's biggest problems using a new kind of philanthropy. In this video he asks us to consider two big questions and how we might answer them.
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