image Michael Lester shows us what you can do with ordinary video images if you have the right tools, skills and time. I wonder how all this will evolve. Virtual actors getting parts in movies instead of real actors?

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Als ik de tweets op twitter moet geloven dan is iedereen ontzettend goed bezig. Veel afspraken, veel leuke projecten, veel feesten, veel uitjes met vrienden... Zelden zie ik een tweet met 'er komt vandaag niets uit mijn handen'. Of 'totaal geen zin...
image Here's a Nokia Nsights video which shows interviews with a marketing expert, a radiopresenter and a musician about how musicians can make use of the internet to promote and sell their music. Dieter Sermeus, lead singer of The Go Find, says: "For musicians it's a really, very good time to make music because of all those possibilities you get for free." Watch the video. Related News: - Sunday Sound Spotlight - Esmee Denters - Internet Killed The Video Star - Sunday Sound Spotlight - OK Go
Jake McKee, ex-Lego employee and now founder of social media consultancy Ant's Eye View, talks about his work in developing a community for Lego. In case this presentation is of interest to you then you'll probably also enjoy the post Lego Let's You Do Their Innovation. via interactive marketing trends
Okay, this is not a 'fresh creation' as such but the question that SupaDupaFlyGirl poses is quite interesting and relevant for creative minds, I think. Is having the world at your fingertips a good thing? Technology allows us to stay in touch with everybody at any time at any place. But what are the consequences? Sometimes I see a couple sitting on a terrace in front of a restaurant and they are both on the phone talking to other people. I know that's just one example. But it does indicate how focused we are on 'being connected all the time'. What's your view on this?
Marco Raaphorst vertelt over zijn passie: bloggen.
The Humans Project asks you to share a video in which you state, in one sentence of your own words, what it means to be human. Over 300 people have already responded with a video. If you don't want to record a video you can also leave a (textual) comment below.
Moby started a new initiative called MobyGratis. On the website you can register and start downloading music made by Moby. You don't have to pay any copyright unless you're using it for commercial purposes. In that case you have to apply for a license. All money earned with these licenses will be donated to the humane society. In the clip Moby talks about why he started this.
image People getting injured, police trying to calm the situation, shops getting robbed. I know it's offtopic, but it's amazing to me that a gamecomputer can be the cause of so much chaos. Here's a video report about the PlayStation 3 introduction getting out of control in the USA. Related News: - New Sony PlayStation 3 Commercials - PlayStation 2 vs PlayStation 3 - Making Of Need For Speed Carbon
The Goodmornings Project zet veel moois in beweging. Wat begon als een ideetje in mijn hoofd is nu een online platform met 240 goeiemorgens op video in 23 talen. Het is een online platform met een prachtig project-team van meer dan...
Een geweldige clip en een catchy liedje... Ongeveer een jaar geleden werd deze clip geschoten door Ross Ching. Hij maakte gebruik van de nu al legendarische Canon 5D mark II. Een fotocamera waar je ook schitterende HD video mee kan...
Afgelopen woensdag was ik naar de bijeenkomst van de Social Media Club 073 geweest. In Den Bosch dus bij Theater aan de Parade. Voornaamste reden was dat ik erg benieuwd was naar de presentatie van Ron van der Sterren. Ron zou namelijk...
R&D TV is a new monthly technology program and pilot project from BBC's RAD labs and Backstage. The entire thing is released under a Creative Commons license. A longer video about BBC Backstage is a part of the full post.Bonus: Google Developer Day London: BBC Backstage
image This post is a bit off topic since it's not really about inspiration but more about the craziness that companies can cause inside people's heads: Two days ago Apple started selling the iPhone in the States. Look at this video to see how long the lines in front of the Apple store were. Why are people willing to stand in line for hours for a phone? Is it because they believe that that phone is going to turn their lives around? Is it because they want to be part of a group? Whatever the reason, I think it's a sad, sad sight. Watch the video. via Related News: - Apple And Religion Aren't That Different - Prometeus - The Media Revolution - Everything You See Is Fake
image The Anti-Advertising Agency and the Graffiti Research Lab worked together on a guerilla project to make people aware of the growing amount of advertising that surrounds them. Watch the video. via Related News: - Kapitaal - Visual Stimuli Overkill - SMS Guerilla Projector - Advertising Stunt Leads To Two Arrests
De titel van dit bericht is nog geen realiteit... Maar met jouw hulp kan het zomaar ineens realiteit worden. Waarom zou je meehelpen? 1. Papierbesparing Er is een enorme papierbesparing in Nederland mogelijk. De Telefoongids/Gouden Gids is verantwoordelijk voor 'minder dan...
Ian Sands of Microsoft demonstrates the TouchWall. It is capable of infinite zooming which allows you to overview a massive amount of media and instantly viewing the content by zooming in. It looks very intuitive but I wonder what happens if I zoom in on a Word document and want to start editing it. But perhaps it's more suitable as a presentation or interaction screen. via techeblog
Zopa is the world's first social finance company. In 2005 they pioneered a way for people to lend and borrow directly with each other online as part of their continuing mission to give people around the world the power...
Inmiddels is het alweer dag 18 van dit 30-daagse experiment. De 30 dagen zal ik trouwens net niet halen omdat ik op dag 27 een weekje weg ben. Had ik niet bij stilgestaan toen ik hier mee begon. Maar goed, ik kan...
"An artist trying to make sense of the world, delicately moulding the everyday into the sublime. Lilting piano lines, digitally-enhanced melodies, and sturdily constructed ambient tunes. An artist who is influencing the world of film, video, design, advertising, music, and media art." I added a video about Takagi Masakatsu and some examples of his work. Light Pool Girls via swissmiss
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