Lotte's work focusses on the social-cultural and ecologic aspects of design. For example, the "Watt's new?" lamp: A new energy saving lamp which uses the advantages and design freedom of the technique.
image Earlier this year I wrote about the cool Chairbags by PSlab. Well, here's a clip that's full of Chairbags. I'll have a white one, please. Related News: - Shopping Bag Bra - Colour Changing Couch - Have A Seat
image ChairBag is an inflatable bean-bag chair turned buoy. ChairBag's creators, the Dutch PS Lab, pay extra attention to the materiality of their products. In the case of the ChairBag, this means that the rugged PVC material assures that you can use your chair both indoors and outside. Besides this you can easily take the Chairbag with you in a handy bag. via
Here's a clip about the new top-of-the-line Herman Miller office chair, it's called Embody. I owned a Herman Miller Aeron, a true design classic, but I sold it after just a couple of months because it just wasn't what I had expected of it. I wonder if the Embody beats the Aeron comfort-wise. If any Herman Miller representatives are reading this: feel free to send me one. ;-)
Voor sommige product-categorie├źn geldt dat ze met opzet van slechte kwaliteit gemaakt worden. De gedachte is dan dat die producten 'mode-gevoelig' zijn en dus ook geen hoge kwaliteit hoeven te hebben. Toch zijn er ook producenten die heel bewust kijken hoe...
image Domestic is a company in France that sells stickers as an alternative for wallpaper. One of the ideas that Bertjan Pot made for them is called "Graffiti for beginners" and allows you to create your own graffiti-style wallpaper without the toxic fumes of a spray-can.
These paper maestros are constantly redefining the traditional usage of the humble paper and taking it one step further with their ingenuity.
"FRAMED* transforms all spaces - whether private or public." Eigenlijk is FRAMED* vooral een platte televisie die je zijwaarts op kan hangen. Op zich niet zo bijzonder. Maar de koppeling met een online multimediaal kunstplatform kan ik wel waarderen. Ook het manipuleren van...
This clip is about people and their desks. What does your desk look like? Why is it like that? (thanks to Linton)
image South African-based Joom presents the Mooj Cowcase. A bookcase with the shape of a cow. Put it in the middle of a large room and it will instantly create two smaller rooms. Feeding is not necessary. viaRelated News: - Colour Changing Couch - Graffiti For Beginners - Chairbag By PSlab
image The seats, the table and even the TV in this clip have quite unusual shapes. This futuristic livingroom furniture was filmed during the Dutch Design Week this year in Eindhoven (Holland). Watch the video. PS Anyone here who knows the name of the person who made all this? Related News: - Loads Of Chairbags - Holy Cow! A Bookcase! - Interaction Design Pillow

Pop Up Office

Could this be the office of the future nomad worker? The installation by Liddy Scheffknecht and Armin B. Wagner is entirely made of cardboard and tape. (via rebelart)
Je interieur veranderen wordt zo wel heel makkelijk.... Living Room is een prachtig concept van Mr Beam. Een Nederlandse partij die 3D projectie tot een ware kunst verheft. Dat ze ook 'in het groot' hun ding doen was te zien tijdens het...
Ik heb met groot enthousiasme bovenstaande documentaire gekeken. Hij laat zien hoe mensen in staat zijn om comfortabel te leven in heel kleine ruimtes. De basis is een andere manier van kijken naar ruimte en leefbehoeftes. Slimmer wonen Na het kijken van de...
image An interaction design pillow that reacts on light, approach, sound, pressure and contact. Watch the video. Related News: - Colour Changing Couch - Philips Living Colours Lights - DeLightTable
Here's a couple of bedroom concepts that show the integration of technology and design. I like the design of the 'Mobi' but without all the media. Thanks to Linton for the tip!
image Here are three clips of a dinner table with a really clever design.These tables are known as the Fletcher Capstan Tables. "It is a circular table which, when rotated at its outer perimeter, doubles its seating capacity, yet astonishingly remains truly circular." Related News: - Furniture From Outer Space - DeLightTable - The TouchTable
image Whatever you put on the Lightable by Too Many Designers is going to be illuminated by the embedded LED's inside the table. It seems that your hands get wet though when you touch this table (the guy in the clip cleans his hands after touching the table). That's why I'd still prefer the DeLightTable or the iBar. Watch the video. via Related News: - Colour Changing Couch - Interaction Design Pillow - Clever Dinner Table
image Philips is introducing more 'simplicity'. This time a report by about the forthcoming Living Colours lights which let you choose the colour of the lights in your room at the touch of a remote. via Related News: - Little Boy Paints With LED Light - Light Emitting Clothes On The Catwalk - Philips At IFA 2006
Matt Nuzzaco shows off his new light table desk. He made it himself and it looks pretty cool. It goes up and down by the push of a button and you can switch on the lights underneath the surface if you want to turn it into something that some people use to put their glass on in a trendy bar. via swiss miss
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