Life is shirt

Zojuist is een nieuwe aanwinst aan het assortiment van de martijnvanosch shop toegevoegd: Het nu al legendarische "Life is shirt". Het verhaal achter dit shirt: Iedereen kent de kreet: "Life is short". Met die reden gaan mensen vaak heel veel activiteiten doen. "Alles er...


I just love it when people put time and effort into what they create. In this case: shoes.
Voor al die mensen die het beu zijn om telkens weer een oranje Oranje-shirt aan te moeten tijdens het WK heeft martijnvanosch iets nieuws bedacht: donkerbruine Oranje-shirts. De donkerbruine Oranje-shirts zijn te bestellen in het donkerbruin, rood, blauw, groen...
Copyright law's grip on film, music and software barely touches the fashion industry ... and fashion benefits in both innovation and sales, says Johanna Blakley. At TEDxUSC 2010, she talks about what all creative industries can learn from fashion's free culture.
Geachte directie van Reporter, Ik wil u hartelijk danken. Waarvoor? Dat zal ik even toelichten. Zo'n 6 maanden geleden kocht ik een paar schoenen dat het merk van uw firma droeg: Reporter. In die 6 maanden heb ik de betreffende schoenen...
Wallpaper Magazine looks at three graduate students in fashion, illustration and photography. The last is the most interesting for me, photographs of people that take photos of air planes or plane spotters.
Short talk at the London Design Festival by Suzanne Lee. The theme of the talks is "East meets West" and Suzanne talks about a futuristic technique for making clothing with bacterial-cellulose. Who knew? Turns out it's actually ancient and well known in China, Japan and Russia.

Nike Made From Trash

Three minute Ad Age video about Nike Trash Talk. It's a shoe made from Nike plant's assembly-line trash. The shoe is also endorsed by Phoenix Suns' Steve Nash.
Meet Mr. Adi Dassler. Learn how Adidas' founding father first came up with the three stripes. 60 years of Adidas history.

Kids + Money

This seems like an interesting documentary: "Only in L.A. can a 14-year-old rationalize dropping a grand on a purse. Kids from both pampered and poor neighbourhoods discuss the pressures of money - getting it, spending it and learning to live without it." Watch the trailer. Bonus video: Interview with the maker Thanks to Linton for the tip!
Neil Boorman, author of Bonfire Of The Brands, made a clip for Buy Nothing Day 2008. It's called 'The Good Consumer' and it shows how people are made to think they need to buy stuff to be happy. via dutch cowgirls
What happens when you mix fashion with technology? Here are some examples. Still, I prefer this sexy wearable technology clip. via make
Simone Legno is the Italian artist behind tokidoki, a very popular Japanese inspired lifestyle brand. Here's a clip in which Simone Legno talks about his work. The video is part of Yahoo's Start Wearing Purple campaign. Thanks to Linton for the tip!
Buying a new t-shirt every time a new trend is introduced has a negative effect on the 'ecological backpack'. This little graphic novel by Kristian Labusga explains why. Watch the video. via llamame lola
What a great idea: For every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS donates a pair to a child in need. This video documents the first TOMS Shoe Drop in Argentina in October 2006. via swiss miss
O'Neill introduces the NavJack, a ski jacket which has an integrated LED display for navigation. It also has an audio unit in your hood through which you will be given instructions about which direction you should go. I guess this jacket is a next step of integrating technology in fashion. We're slowly heading down the path of integrating technology in ourselves. via extend limits
image If you're a woman (or a man with strange habits) looking for some private space in a public area then the Life Dress is the dress to wear. Check out the video to see why. via core77

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Transforming Dresses

image What if you were on a date with a girl and all of a sudden her dress would start to transform. Or disappear completely. This is not a scene from the movie Transformers but a new collection of dresses that were presented recently on the catwalk. Nudity alert at the end of the video.

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image Less is more. With that in mind I introduce the topless flip-flops to you. According to Topless Sandal these sexy flip-flops will stick to the bottom of your feet without leaving any residue when you take them off. The "stick" is guaranteed for a year and they cost only 12.99 dollars. Watch the videos. via Related News: - The Crazy Colourful World Of Havaianas - Bikini Under The Bridge - Sunday Sound Spotlight - Morgan Taylor
image It's been months since I wrote a post for the Fashion category of Fresh Creation. This fact combined with the fact that it's summer seemed like a good enough reason to show you a clip and pictures from the fashion show 'Bikini Under The Bridge' featuring swimwear designs by Francis Hendy. Enjoy! Related News: - Video Dress - Illuminated Skirt And Handbag - Eat This
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