At first The New Pornographers drew my attention because of the cool graphics that they used in their Myriad Harbour music video. I can't really put a label on this band. Perhaps I shouldn't. Let's just leave it that. I hope you enjoy the music videos that I selected for you.Myriad Harbour Challengers Sing Me Spanish Techno via paul isakson Last week in the Sunday Sound Spotlight: Peter, Bjorn & John
Een prachtig klein verhaal dat laat zien hoe groot de invloed van muziek kan zijn. Dank aan @raaphorst voor het delen.
Bekijk de video in andere formaten. Een man speelt een Facebookspelletje dat bestaat uit het ontwerpen van een cd-hoes. Vervolgens roept die hoes op Facebook ontzettend veel reacties op. En dan...
Prachtig als een artiest helemaal relaxt op een podium kan staan. Crowded House was een band die dat kon. En Ezio is daar ook zeker een voorbeeld van. Pas na ongeveer 3 minuten speeltijd begint hij met het lied 'Deeper'. :)
image The Be Good Tanyas are a Canadian traditional music group, whose influences include folk, country, and bluegrass. The style of music they perform is sometimes referred to as alt-country, but more often today as Americana. Watch/listen to the songs that I selected for you.It's Not Happening The Littlest Birds Last week in the Sunday Sound Spotlight: Esmee Denters
Regina Spektor is an American singer-songwriter that was born in Russia. If I had to label her music I would call it 'fragile'. Her voice reminds me of Heather Nova whose music also had a fragile feel to it. I selected the songs Us, Better and Samson by Regina Spektor for you. Enjoy!Us Better Samson Last week in the Sunday Sound Spotlight: Matt Costa
image Fink, a.k.a. Fin Greenall, is a singer-songwriter, producer and DJ from Brighton, England. It is also the name given to the touring trio fronted by Greenall himself, completed by Guy Whittaker (bass) and Tim Thornton (drums). I selected three of Fink's songs for you. Enjoy!This Is The Thing Biscuits (live) Pretty Little Thing (live) Last week in the Sunday Sound Spotlight: The Black Seeds
Akustisch is the name of multitouch gesture software that produce sounds. Unlike other, similar systems, Akustisch focuses on the multitouch interaction with the sound without much visual feedback.
Moby started a new initiative called MobyGratis. On the website you can register and start downloading music made by Moby. You don't have to pay any copyright unless you're using it for commercial purposes. In that case you have to apply for a license. All money earned with these licenses will be donated to the humane society. In the clip Moby talks about why he started this.
This week the unofficial dutch fanbase of the Arctic Monkeys went live. The Arctic Monkeys are THE fresh creators of nowadays music. They love making music but they hate all the media attention that they're getting because of it. That explains why you rarely see them being interviewed on television. But luckily Reuters released this 8 minute video about them. Enjoy.
The story Bandcamp isn’t yet another place to put your music. Rather, Bandcamp powers a site that’s yours. So instead of ads for Sexy Singles Chat, your fans see your design, your music, your URL. You retain all ownership rights, and Bandcamp just hangs out in the background handling the tech stuff. Why this story inspired me It shows that a bunch of dedicated people were able to come up with a solution for musicians around the world to start selling music in a professional and affiordable (free!) way. They don't charge bands that are selling small amounts and take a percentage from the sales that bands make that ARE selling a lot. Seems like a very reasonable way to do business, I'd say. What I hope sharing this story will lead to I hope that more people will seize opportunities to get rid of old systems that are blocking creativity. A concept like Bandcamp proves it is possible to do this.
image It's not the Sunday Sound Spotlight yet, but these guys can sing! Watch how they turned a subway in Paris into a small concert stage.In The Air Tonight (in a subway in Paris) In The Air Tonight (official music video) via Related News: - Sunday Sound Spotlight - Esmee Denters - Hey Ya - Acoustic Outkast Cover By Mat Weddle - Sunday Sound Spotlight - Stevie Ann
image Besides being a singer/songwriter, Morgan Taylor is also an illustrator. He combined these skills to create Gustafer Yellowgold, a friendly creature who came to earth from the sun and has an interesting magnetism for making friends with earth's odder creatures. Watch Gustafer in the "I'm From The Sun" music video. Last week in the Sunday Sound Spotlight: Keren Ann
Liedjes achter in een taxi spelen kende ik al van de Black Cab Sessions. Jayh laat horen hoe prachtig zoiets in het Nederlands kan klinken met zijn liedje 'Ik leef'. Erg goed!!!
The band Spoon was formed in late 1993. The song 'You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb' sounds a bit like Stereophonics to me. Anyway, I hope you enjoy their music.You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb The Underdog Don't You Evah Last week in the Sunday Sound Spotlight: Jamie Lidell
Vorig weekend was er veel muziek in het centrum tijdens de Koninginnemarkt in Den Bosch. Vandaag is het Bevrijdingsfestival alweer aan de beurt. Om 15:10 stond Muyayo Rif op het podium aan de Parade. Een Spaanse band uit Barcelona met opzwepende ska-achtige...

Je bent mooi

Hier is hij dan, de clip van 'Je bent mooi'. En als bonus kun je het lied GRATIS downloaden. Hoe het begon Tijdens de Kansdenkdag in november 2009 had ik de deelnemers de opdracht gegeven om foto's te maken van stickers met...
Here's an Australian band, Architecture In Helsinki, with a quite unique sound. If I had to compair them with other bands then the Talking Heads, Blur and The Cure come to mind. Enjoy!Like It Or Not Hold Music Fumble
If you want you can discover music everywhere and in everything. Giovanni Sample shows what the possibilities are if you become aware of this. Thanks to Aurelien for the tip!
OK Go is in the Sunday Sound Spotlight today. Their videos are the main reason they got into the spotlight. Though their music ain't bad either. The 'treadmills video' (above) of the song 'Here it goes again', was viewed more than 3.5 million times on YouTube. But what got this OK Go mania all started was the video of the song 'Million ways to be cruel' (video below) in which OK Go showed their dancing skills. After releasing this video OK Go challenged fans around the world to make their own 'Million ways to be cruel' dancevideo. And so they did. If you want to see how well the fans did it then synchrostart the videos below. Cool. Here's a couple of OK Go fans doing the complete dance blindfolded. And here's a compilation of all kinds of 'Million ways to be cruel' videos. Last week in the Sunday Sound Spotlight: The Kooks
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