enlarge image Today Apple is 30 years old. And it's still able to 'Think Different' in the way it designs computers and in the way it makes their advertisements stand out. This is proven by this interesting new ad for the Apple MacBook Pro. Guess Apple is referring to the durability of the machine. Not really clear though but the image is funny. Related: - Top 5 Apple Mobile Phone Concepts - The Apple Commercials Archive
Today I am a 'Featured Blogger' on Technorati! Keep refreshing the homepage of Technorati.com and you'll be sure to see my ugly face pop up at some point. Thanks for pointing it out to me, Jorrit! ;-)
image The Japanese advertising agency SETUP Inc. came up with the Brajacket. It's a coated book cover that you can use to fold around a book to protect it from damage. The good thing is: it's free because companies pay for the cost of making them and having their commercial message printed on top of them.The Brajacket allows companies to get exposure for their brands in unusual areas: in the train, in bed or on the beach of a tropical island. In Japan these free book covers are a big success and popular book covers, like the ones of Adidas and Perrier, are out of stock within days.
image Today I visited the pressconference of Sony Netherlands. I saw some interesting new products. The video footage about those products will be sent to me soon. So stay tuned for that. In the meantime I made this fake commercial for Sony's smallest USB flash drive: the Tiny. What do you think? Related News: - Steve Jobs Presents Apple iTV - Microsoft Zune - An Introduction - Nokia N93
image Adidas seems to be focusing on bringing experiences to the people. This Your World box is another great example. Walk inside it, take a look at the shoes and see what happens.

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A new campaign for Schweppes will spread through Europe this summer. The Duval Guillaume Antwerp agency plans to fit fountains with the trademark tonic's bottle, "thus illustrating in real life the sparklingness of a Schweppes". via
Gisteravond zag ik deze posters op een billboard in Den Bosch. Vreemd. Thuis maar even Google geraadpleegd en het blijkt dus om een reclamestunt te gaan. Alleen waren de posters van de bijbehorende leus van Hi in Den Bosch...
image This cinema-only spot for the weekly magazine supplements from the UK newspaper Mail On Sunday shows a battle unlike any other. Men against women, both using weapons that suit them. Watch the video. via Related News: - Since It's Friday - Protest - 300 - Tekken 4 Commercial
image Apple just doesn't seem to get enough of their Get A Mac commercials. Here's three new ones: Gift Exchange, Sales Pitch and Meant For Work. Needless to say that I added them to the Apple commercials archive.Gift Exchange Sales Pitch Meant For Work via Related News: - Apple Store Interactive Window - Apple Powerbook Marionette - Steve Jobs Presents Apple iTV
Ambient media which was hung on lamp-posts along some Parisian streets for the famous nightclub Stringfellows. Agency: JWT, Paris
Ben Hourahine, Futures Editor at Leo Burnett (London), predicts the advertising trends of tomorrow. One of his predictions is 'screen saturation'. This means: screens everywhere. This means: more advertising. This means: people being pushed to buy everywhere. This means: more unhappy people? via dutch cowboys
Tomorrow is D-day: the worldwide premi

Fast Pictures

image Sending pictures through a highspeed cable internet connection does have its consequences. For the pictures that is. Watch the commercial. via Related News: - Speedtest.net Interface - The Slowskys - Turtles Prefer DSL
Friday fun.... "Behind the scenes tour of of an award-winning creative farm, juicing process and distribution in South West England." Have a good weekend! via swissmiss
Wow... They really used a lot of creative ideas to make this commercial work. The result is stunning.
Prachtig filmpje waarin de belangrijkste sponsoren van het Offf International Festival For The Post-Digital Creation Culture op toepasselijke wijze onder de aandacht worden gebracht.
Here's an escalator that shows what the impact of changing your haircut can be. The face at the bottom of the escalator remains the same but as the stairs move downwards they show different looks on top of that face. Anyway, watch the video. via plantao
Escobar advertising is an agency from Amsterdam which is run by Bas van Veen and Arthur Schotsborg. While scanning their portfolio I ran into this great poster for Warchild Canada. Great work, guys!
Great advertising campaign for the Columbus Coalition for the Homeless. Agency: Little Jacket via
image Adidas helped out the 11.000 runners of the Auckland Marathon by giving them some extra motivation at the 17 km mark. 50 knots of motivation. Runners had to run into the adiBOOST lane and walk past a custom built, hurricane fan to get their shot. Watch the video to see what that looked like. via disruption

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