Artist Kacie Kinzer placed small robots in a park in New York. Instead of stealing or damaging the robots, people were very helpful to them and kept the robots going.
MIT Media Lab has made a new robot: Nexi. Nexi is a MDS robot, which stands for "Mobile/Dexterous/Social". Considering the humanoid moves, sound and look, Nexi could be a view into our robotic future. via gizmowatch
image These Festo robots have muscles. Artificial muscles. But they are starting to look more and more like human muscles. And the precision with which they do their tasks increases with that.

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Meet Wall-E

On June 27, 2008 the new Pixar movie Wall-E will be released. The movie is about a robot that lived alone for 700 years. But one day all of that changes. Pixar did a great job by making Wall-E a character that is very curious and not so smart. Besides the trailer I also added a short Wall-E animation. Wall-E Trailer
image A trip to the gas station of the future may no longer require the driver to leave the car. TankPitstop will do it all for you. Watch the video for a demo. Anyway, in the future we probably don't need petrol. Instead we simply swap batteries. via bright

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Interesting but short excerpt from a NASA funded documentary about NASA's plans to build robot colonies on Mars. Related: - Future Robots Help Police - NASA Robotic Elephant - NASA FA-18 Refueled Automatically - Chocolate In Space
The Asahi Robocco beer pouring robot is not new. In fact, I wrote about the robot already last year. But now you get the chance to see it in action. One beer please! Watch the video.
Robotics researchers are increasingly turning to nature for inspiration. Watch a robotic salamander, a water strider robot, mechanical cockroaches and some cool self-configuring robots.

Juke Bots

Look how these two robots spin and scratch their records like true DJ's. They even make a show out of changing records. Filmed yesterday at STRP, art and technology festival, in Holland. Related News: - The BarBot - Beer Drinking Robot - Homeless Robot - The Weirdest Robot Ever
image To make it easy for people with disabilities and the elderly to operate an in-home robot, professor Matsumaru of the Shizuoka University came up with a new kind of interface: the step-on interface. The step-on interface (SOI) function uses a projector to display the operation screen on the surface of the floor, and the user steps on the buttons to display the operation instructions.

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image Hotshot the robot mingles with Hollywood's most elite street performers. Related News: - Japanese Robot Expo Montage - The Strangest Steam Powered Robots - Murata Boy - The Bicycling Robot
Nearly weekend. Time for some... origami. This video shows a Japanese surgeon making origami with a DaVinci robot. At the end of the clip you see just how small the origami bird is when they show it next to a coin. Who said surgery can't be fun? Have a good weekend! Thanks to Linton for the tip!
image The Sarcoman robot from Sarcos Robotics dances, juggles, plays air hockey and much, much more. Well... So it seems. In fact the robot is controlled off camera by a human wearing a harness. Check out the 7 videos about this party robot full of tricks.Playing Air Hockey Juggling Dancing Playing With Luna Sticks Playing Paddle Ball Running Arm Balancing A Pole Related News: - Pentagon's Deadly Armed Robots - Hotshot The Robot Goes To Hollywood - Japanese Robot Expo Montage
image It may not be as fast as a human and its movements might be a little jerky, but this humanoid robot can pour a cup of tea and even wash up the cup afterwards. Watch the video. The robot is the result of four years of hard work using cutting edge technology gathered from more than 40 Robotics and Information Technology professors at the University of Tokyo. Related News: - Ubiko - The Robot That Smokers Should Fear - PaPeRo Robots Introduce Themselves - Sarcoman - The Robot That Can Do It All
image Here's a video of a dinosaur workshop. It gives you a 4 minute impression of how the dinosaurs for the Walking With Dinosaurs show were made. I also added a video of the show itself. Watch the videos.Dinosaur workshop Footage of the show in which the dinosaurs were used Related News: - Future Robots Help Police - NASA Robotic Elephant - Homeless Robot
This homeless robot makes music for money. Pretty realistic. Filmed today at STRP, art and technology festival, in Holland. Related News: - The BarBot - Beer Drinking Robot - The Weirdest Robot Ever - DJ Robots
Yes, the title seems unlikely to be true... But it's possible. As long as you're not in a rush. (thanks to Linton for sharing)


"SWARM is a kinetic art work consisting of multiple semi-autonomous spherical robots ("Orbs") that roll under their own power. Each has a spherical shell 30 inches in diameter: roughly waist high to an adult." Currently SWARMs are radio controlled but the plan is that they will start receiving commands from a 'mother node'. Watch the video to see them do their rolling. via make
image In South Korea they have made it a goal to place one robot in every home by the year 2020. This CNN report shows that robots are getting more popular and are taking over certain tasks already. Like the kindergarten robot that plays games with the kids, service robots that clean up the office or military robots that take part in combat.

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These days new robots are introduced on a daily basis. For instance: Heart. A robot that kids seem to like a lot because it responds to them like a pet would. No display, no buttons, a simple touch or look will do. Thanks to Piet for the tip!
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