Het heeft iets meer dan een half jaar geduurd maar nu is-ie er dan toch : Remee ! Via Kickstarter ontdekte ik dit Lucid Dreaming Mask. Een slaapmasker waarmee je bewust kan gaan kiezen wat je in je dromen doet. Lucid dreaming...
In 2008 kwam Canon met de beroemde 5D mkII op de markt. Een professionele fotocamera waar je ook geweldig mooie filmbeelden mee kon vastleggen. Ineens was er een enorm grote groep mensen die video met bioscoopkwaliteit kon gaan schieten. Zelf heb ik...
De technische ontwikkelingen gaan ontzettend hard. En steeds sneller worden nieuwe technieken en gadgets geïntroduceerd. Een mooie reden om een aantal kids van die 'vintage spulletjes' voor te schotelen en te vragen: "Wat is dit?" (via wonderyears)
Design agency Bartproject made an interactive installation called Viso. It explores the possibility of animating images and interacting with them. Viso stimulates an active emotional and physical communication between the observer and a virtual personage: the silhouette of a woman's face.
In 2006 there was a company claiming to be able to produce free and clean energy. It turned out to be a hoax. Now two Australian inventors say they have made a revolutionary generator that can produce 5 times as much power as it consumes. I hope this technology is not a hoax and the production of it won't be stopped by the big companies. Bonus: Free Energy another Inconvenient Truth Thanks to Jan for the tip!
De uitvinding die in bovenstaande video beschreven wordt is wereldveranderend. Het toont namelijk de mogelijkheid om in korte tijd een grote hoeveelheid elektriciteit te genereren. En die elektriciteit ook op te slaan. Dat betekent dus dat er een alternatief is bedacht voor...
I guess the average internet user doesn't care what it's called as long as it does what it is supposed to do.
Ian Sands of Microsoft demonstrates the TouchWall. It is capable of infinite zooming which allows you to overview a massive amount of media and instantly viewing the content by zooming in. It looks very intuitive but I wonder what happens if I zoom in on a Word document and want to start editing it. But perhaps it's more suitable as a presentation or interaction screen. via techeblog
"Dan zoek ik op Google naar wee wee wee dat en dat..."
Afgelopen week is de website van QuantifiedJan live gegaan. Dit is een Quantified Self experiment met als doel te onderzoeken hoe gezondheid, gedrag en omgeving beïnvloed worden door de inzet van medische gadgets, social media en mobiele technologie. Het levende proefkonijn...
Het derde deel van Everything is a Remix. Voor mij was het gedeelte dat start bij speeltijd 7:41min het meest aansprekend. Het gaat over 'multiple discovery' : Dat op vrijwel hetzelfde tijdstip door verschillende mensen dezelfde ontdekking wordt gedaan. De vraag is...
Wow... They really used a lot of creative ideas to make this commercial work. The result is stunning.
Markus Lerner made an installation called Reactive Sparks. You can see it in Munich (Germany) in front of the OSRAM headquarters.The installation tracks the traffic on the street in real-time. Each vehicle creating a moving spark on the screens. The waves on the display represent the amount of traffic in the past few minutes. The higher the amount of traffic the higher the waves. Thanks to Zachary for the tip! via walyou
Jesse Rosten is ook goed in spelen. Hij heeft klitteband tevoorschijn gehaald. Een iPad gekocht. En daarna is hij gaan experimenteren. Met combinaties van klitteband, zijn iPad en de omgeving.
O'Neill introduces the NavJack, a ski jacket which has an integrated LED display for navigation. It also has an audio unit in your hood through which you will be given instructions about which direction you should go. I guess this jacket is a next step of integrating technology in fashion. We're slowly heading down the path of integrating technology in ourselves. via extend limits
The story Google Goggles is a visual search app for Android phones. Instead of using words, take a picture of an object with your camera phone: Google Goggles attempts to recognize the object, and returns relevant search results. Goggles also provides information about businesses near you by displaying their names directly in the camera preview. Why this story inspired me Like other apps, for instance Layar, Google is now really starting to add all of the information on the web to real life objects. It brings the virtual and the real world together and in doing so it makes the world more transparent. Relevant information is instantly available. What I hope sharing this story will lead to I hope that more companies will realize that the only way to be successful in the future is by being open.Bonus: Google Goggles visual search demo
MIT Media Lab has made a new robot: Nexi. Nexi is a MDS robot, which stands for "Mobile/Dexterous/Social". Considering the humanoid moves, sound and look, Nexi could be a view into our robotic future. via gizmowatch
Say hello to Nissan's new electric car, Leaf. It can go 90 MPH. Holds 5 seats. Has a range of 100 miles. Can recharge in 30 minutes. Will cost less than $30,000. Should be released by the end of...
Walking is so passé. There are several new personal mobility devices (like 1. Honda's U3-X). So, I thought I would make a little list of them and several of my old favs. 2. Yike Bike 3. Toyota iReal 4. Flying carpet 5. Escalators
image Dimensional Studios brings the 3D viewing experience to you without the need for special 3D glasses. The technology that is used to achieve this is called Philips WoWvx. The 3D display has a large viewing zone and is suitable for simultaneous use by a number of viewers. Philips expects 3D to be the next big thing since the introduction of colour displays. Watch the video. Bonus video of a LG 3D LCD Display at CES 2007 Related News: - Dancing Girls On 3D Seethrough Ad Screen - 3D Golfsimulator - Philips At IFA 2006
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