How much time do teenagers spend online? How many text messages do they send per day? What is their favourite website to go to? Do they upload videos? Here are some answers from the streets. via extend limits
Missed this year's Good Design Expo? Don't worry we got you covered. Check out the "Life Wall" video above and the video of a surface computer in the full post. The full post also includes two Flickr images from the show. I can't wait for the future to come already. (inspired by pink tentacle)Tiny monitor Digitalizando papel Solar computer
Je interieur veranderen wordt zo wel heel makkelijk.... Living Room is een prachtig concept van Mr Beam. Een Nederlandse partij die 3D projectie tot een ware kunst verheft. Dat ze ook 'in het groot' hun ding doen was te zien tijdens het...
A video of the Viva Vision canopy over Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. Amazing. The videoshow on this biggest big screen on the planet lasts for 6 minutes and 27 seconds. Only in the USA. Related News: - Video Screen Made Of Air - iBar - World's Largest Touchscreen - Dual View Displays - 750 Square Meter Videoprojection
Wowlab came up with an interactive projection wall called Light Rain. It's a bit like Lenovo's interactive water wall but then with more interaction opportunities.
Flicflex explores the possibilities of future flexible electronic interfaces that could emerge within digital products. By minimizing the graphical interface and embodying physical interactions such as flipping, wrenching and bending, it creates more pleasurable ways of managing information. Thanks to Linton for the tip!
Here's the 80-minute demo of Google Wave. Today I finally had the chance to sit down and watch it. It's impressive. It can be used for email, blogging, gaming, twittering, ... But you have to watch the video to really understand what's so great about it.
Green For All is an organization working to build an inclusive green economy in the U.S. which is "strong enough to lift people out of poverty". What I like about the video is that it tries to speak to the senses, especially the sense of hearing. There clearly is no lack of information about the pitfalls of the "old economy", as the video calls it, but information alone does not inspire a change of direction. Experiencing the "old" as noisy and harmful may be a much more intense motivation to step into something new.There is also something I don't like about this video, something much harder to form into words. It is to do with the promise of "millions of new jobs" that is placed against the headlines of rising unemployment. Maybe it is too much to ask from a short video, but I feel that the story is not complete without mentioning that it is not simply the "old economy" that is responsible for pollution and unemployment, as also an excessive lifestyle of consumption is part of the old rythm. So in order to switch to something radically different, it will not be enough to replace fossil energy with clean energy. "An environmental revolution in technology is essential, but that’s only half the answer." (James Gustave Speth)
Last month I posted a video about a blind woman that could see again thanks to the use of a bionic eye. Amazing. This video is just as amazing. Here you see how someone gets presented an image and next to it you see the image that is extracted directly from the brain.
You can program BMW's navigation system with Google Maps. Now there's another stunning BMW feature: internet access as a factory option. You do need the iDrive controller to access the web straight from your dashboard. For safety matters the system doesn't allow web surfing if the car is driving more than 5 km/h (about 3 mph). Brian Cooley shows us how this works.
image In a move to boost national security and make key identity documents harder to forge, Germany will require fingerprints on all passports issued as of November 1, 2007. Reuters shows us a background report on this topic.

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Life 2.0

What if technology was planted into your brain in the form of a small chip? All sorts of information and services would be instantly available. Skip the first 30 seconds of this clip and see what this would look like. Thanks to Aurelien for the tip!
This flapping wing robot from AeroVironment is really amazing. Dubbed Mercury, the robot is able to hover in mid-air like a real hummingbird and will eventually be made to look like a hummingbird. Don't miss 0:50 and 1:15 in the video. (via engadget).
Wow... They really used a lot of creative ideas to make this commercial work. The result is stunning.
image Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology is the future TV technology. It makes TV's much brighter, the screens will be much thinner and it is much cheaper to produce. The only thing that still needs improvement is the life span of OLED TV's. After that problem is dealt with your current plasma or LCD will look bulky. Watch the videos. via Related News: - Joost Invites Anyone? - Video Glasses - Plasma Screen Under Your Bed
image An impressive demo of a Microsoft coffeetable which is able to take content from devices by putting the device, say a photocamera, on the table. After that you can add the content to another device, say a mobile phone, by putting the phone on the table as well and 'swaying' the content into it. Jeff Han also gets to say some words on this new technology. Thanks to Robin for the tip! Related News: - Glass Touchscreen Controls Plasma Display - Media Editing Touchscreen Demo - Hightech BMW Salestool
Leuk verhaal van Sander Veenhof over 3D en virtual reality. Koppel dit aan mobiele telefoons en je kan iedere willekeurige omgeving een totaal nieuwe betekenis geven. Guerilla virtual reality dus... Gele ballonnen in het Witte huis, een virtuele expositie in een beroemd...
Steorn have developed a technology that produces free, clean and constant energy. This means never having to recharge your phone, never having to refuel your car. A world with an infinite supply of clean energy for all. [b]Update:[/b] There are some people out there who claim that Steorn is nothing but a viral publicity stunt launched on behalf of the X-Box 360. The Wikipedia page about Steorn delivers the following 'evidence' for this: - The circular logo is green, and the Xbox logo has green in it. - An in-game screenshot used as a "stock image" on the downloads page. - The "" domain was only purchased in 2004. - An anagram of "steorn" being "No Rest". - Massive press coverage that would prove only a liability and embarrassment for a legitimate energy company, when a failure was announced. - Extraordinary and outlandish claims, spoken immodestly and without reservation. - The registration page features a honeycomb stock image, in homage to the original I Love BEES viral marketing site. - It doesn't make sense to gather user registrations from the general public, just to release the results of a study. The results would likely be released through the same channels in which the original challenge was released. Rather, the accepting of user registrations is a ploy to keep people on-the-hook and informed when the revelation is made regarding the XBox. Related News: - Car Runs On Water - GM HyWire - Car Of The Future - Trailer - Who Killed The Electric Car?
This video was put together in 2007 at the University of Manchester. In the video students tell us what characterizes their generation in relation to technology, information, innovation and older generations. Interesting stuff. via extend limits
image Here's a clip of people being pursued by a robotic spotlight. The project is called the Access project and it consists of a spotlight and an acoustic beam system which is able to track anonymous individuals in public places. Watch people having fun with the beam of light... or getting annoyed. "Access presents control tools generated by the surveillance technology combined with the advertising and Hollywood industries, and the internet." Related News: - Guy Dances With Projected Images Of Himself - Apple Store Interactive Window - Interactive Dance Floor
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