Er is veel te doen over dromen. Over dromen waarmaken om precies te zijn. Boeken, artikelen, lezingen, congressen,workshops... Maar je droom waarmaken is niet zo heel moeilijk. Daarom heb ik bovenstaande video gemaakt. Het laat zien hoe je in 3 simpele stappen je droom...
Bruce Heavin is one of the founders of In this video he shares his '10 things I know to be true'. Some great reminders and quotes. "The best way to predict the future is to invent it."
How do you get the most out of a day? That seems to be the main question during this get-together with: Leo Babauta (Zen Habits), Tim Ferris (Four Hour Workweek), Susan O'Connell (San Francisco Zen Center). (thanks to Robin)
Sinds eergisteren ben ik samen met mijn vriendinnetje een experimentje aan het doen. We hebben namelijk afgesproken om tot en met 26 oktober geen televisie te kijken. Niet dat we zoveel televisie keken. Gemiddeld 1 - 1,5 uur per dag, denk ik. Maar...
David Shillinglaw gives his view on how to create opportunity. On how to fuel the focus needed to succeed as an artist. His advice is simple. Which I like. (via @geertjevanberlo)
You can boost creativity with side-to-side eye movement. People who watched a target moving side-to-side for 30 seconds have been tested as producing significantly more ideas when immediately given a creative task. So press play and see what happens. ;-)

How To Be Alone

I guess 'being alone' is a taboo in society. But being alone can be wonderful. Here's a clip that gives you tips on how to practice being alone. (via paul isakson)
What we can learn from babies: Experimentation, failure & creative genius Artikel over de relatie tussen babies en het creatieve proces 17-jarige ruilt een Porsche bij elkaar Hij begon met een mobiele telefoon en eindigde met een Porsche Boxter Het Bossche Makershuis De nieuwe...
Swap Faces: Leuk, mensen van gezicht laten wisselen Soundman OKM in-ear microphones: Microfoontjes die je in je oren stopt zodat het geluid ook echt wordt opgenomen zoals je het zelf zou 'horen' Je bezit, bezit jou: Jasper Jobse met een...
Jack Canfield explains how your beliefs limit you and how to owercome these limiting beliefs.
Steve Martile, a Canadian life coach, shares the basics of changing your life in these 5 videos. To me the most interesting part is about finetuning your life by doing experiments. I can tell by experience that experiments like...
Ik ben een enorme fan van het verhaal achter Zappos. Een bedrijf dat enorm is gegroeid door op basis van een aantal waarden te werken en deze in de volledige bedrijfsvoering door te voeren. Het voornaamste doel van Zappos...
The story Jack Canfield, the founder and co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, tells us why we should plan our day the night before: Because if you plan your day the night before then during your sleep your unconscious and subconscious mind will start working on creative ideas to make your plan happen. Why this story inspired me A great tip that I'm certainly going to put into practice. It also connects with John Cleese's story: creating boundaries of space and time to get into the creativity flow. Well, just think of the time that you sleep as the perfect example of a boundary in space and time. It's 8 hours that you will not be disturbed. Perfect! I just didn't look at sleep this way before. What I hope sharing this story will lead to I hope that people will start to experiment with planning a day ahead, just like I am going to do. Should this work then sleep is a huge opportunity to make the best of the following day and of life.
. There are a lot pretty cool people interviewed over at the Submarine Channel. One of my favorites is Miranda July. She was responsible for and also starred in Me and you and everyone we know. She talks about her art, that mostly exists out of pictures made by people she gave an assignment. Assignments like: photograph strangers holding hands, make an encouraging banner. Great stuff.
After visiting you can only conclude that creating titles for a movie is like making a work of art. You can watch over a hundred titles online and go deeper into the makings of by checking the interviews like this one with Jamie Caliri. He talks about finding the beat of the movie and respecting the opening scene. Alternate title Actually a graduation project and not an official trailer. This is Jurjen Versteegs take on what the opening sequence for Into The Wild should have been.
Ann Gadd, author of What Went Wrong with Mr Right, talks about faith and living in the moment. Ann says let go of the guilt of the past, shift out of the fear of the future and simply be.
Bob Guccione Jr. is cynical about the internet's ability to propagate trends, preferring instead to rely on his gut feeling to infer the next big thing, as he explains in the video above.

How To Fight

An off-topic video, I know. But I found it so funny that I just had to share it.
Not exactly 101 ways... But I enjoyed the part after the examples.
A lot of people think you need talent to excel at something. According to this video talent is 10.000 hours of work and some luck. So basically what you need is luck. Mmmm.... Don't know if that motivates me to work hard (for 10.000 hours). (thanks to Piet!)
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