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How To Fight

An off-topic video, I know. But I found it so funny that I just had to share it.

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101 Ways To Use Social Media

Not exactly 101 ways... But I enjoyed the part after the examples.

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Talent = 10.000 Hours + Luck

A lot of people think you need talent to excel at something. According to this video talent is 10.000 hours of work and some luck. So basically what you need is luck. Mmmm.... Don't know ...

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The Van Gogh Blues

Creative people often suffer from depression due to creativity blocks. Here's an interview on this topic with Eric Maisel, who wrote The Van Gogh Blues - The Creative Person's Path Through Depression.

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How David Allen Gets Things Done

In this video David Allenshows us his desk and the way he organizes his work. I highly recommend listening to his Getting Things Done audio-book. It's very easy to listen to (I did it while traveling by train) and a great guide to get organized and do so much more in less time. Being organized also makes you think less about 'stuff that doesn't matter' so you have more time to create whatever you want and you'll be more creative because your mind is more quiet.

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100 Changes I Made In 1 Year

Here's a list of 100 things I changed in the period of 1 year. Well, some things may be 14 months ago but I hope you can forgive me for that... ;-) Some things in the list are very practical changes others are changes that took place 'on the inside'. I was actually surprised about the amount of changes. It's a nice way for me to look back at 2008 and I hope it will be of help to you too.

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Are You Putting Into Practice What You Think Is Just?

Are you putting into practice what you think is just? The Paul Newman video inspired me to ask you this question. I think it's an important question to ask yourself. It's asking yourself if you are putting your image of what the world should be like into practice. Are you helping making this world a better place? In your job, in your relationship, among friends, when talking to strangers, considering your buying habits, your way of nurturing your body.... Here's my answer to this question. Be honest and tell me yours after reading it.

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How My Body Started Healing Itself

Okay. It took a bit of time before I dared to write this article. The reason was that I thought I was starting to get ‘strange’. Why? Because my body started moving by itself during meditation. On top of that, I couldn’t find any information which told me that this was a normal thing. But don’t worry, everything is fine now… ;-) Here’s the story.

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Will Smith Talks About Making Dreams Come True

If you look at what he has achieved you wouldn't believe that he's only 39 years old: Will Smith. Here are a few videos in which he talks about what it takes to make a dream come true.

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10 Ways To Cut Advertising Expenses

The amount of money spent on advertising is mind-blowing. How can these advertising expenses be reduced? By making products that matter. That people will start talking about because the reason for buying it is so obvious that you don’t need to shout about it. Here are 10 ways to achieve this.

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3 Things Make You Happy

Ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus thought of "friends, freedom and thought" as the path to happiness. In this video popular British philosopher Alain de Botton puts Epicurus' view into perspective by looking at our modern society and its focus on material things due to advertising.

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Tony Robbins – Why We Do What We Do

An inspiring presentation by life coach Tony Robbins.

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What’s Next In Media

Neil Perkin made a great presentation on where media is today and where he thinks it is heading. I especially like his advice in slide 55: "Accept uncertainty: Be flexible, Experiment more, ...

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5 Things I Learned From 5 Months Without Media

In my article about what I learned from 5 months of meditation I mentioned that media influence your view on the world. As I became more and more aware of this, I decided to decrease the amount of media in my life. So the title of this article should have been: 5 things I learned from 5 months without HARDLY ANY media. Forgive me for that. ;-) Here’s the 5 most important things that I learned from this experiment.

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10 Things I Learned From 5 Months Of Meditation

In December 2007 I started meditating. A friend of mine had lent me some books about Buddhism. After reading them I was very eager to learn more. What attracted me most to Buddhism: 1) it is not a religion, it’s ‘merely’ a set of guidelines that help you in your search for happiness, 2) you learn by experience, it’s a way of living. Here are 10 things that I learned through 5 months of meditation.

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How To Make Viral Videos

Viral marketing is about having people talk about your company or product. Viral videos can be used to achieve this. But what does it take to make your viral video stand out? Here are some tips.

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5 Ways To Increase Creativity

This is the first time that I’m actually writing a full article for Fresh Creation. The reason for writing an article is that I think it’s time to take inspiration a step further than just videos. And what better topic to start off with than how to increase your creativity. I wrote down a list that I put together through my own experiences. Let me know what you think of it.

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