GOAB is een 'TV experience concept'. Het knoopt alle media-apparaten, je kijkgedrag en je sociale netwerk aan elkaar. Gevolg: makkelijker delen, sneller achtergrond-informatie en een actieve rol tijdens het kijken.
Het derde deel van Everything is a Remix. Voor mij was het gedeelte dat start bij speeltijd 7:41min het meest aansprekend. Het gaat over 'multiple discovery' : Dat op vrijwel hetzelfde tijdstip door verschillende mensen dezelfde ontdekking wordt gedaan. De vraag is...
Bekijk de video in andere formaten. 2013 moet het jaar van de grote verandering worden. Het jaar van de nieuwe gedachten en vergezichten. Grote, nieuwe denkers en doeners geven in Tegenlicht hun visie op de toekomst. Kijk zeker het...
Een video over het fenomeen Fixed Gear. Zelf een fiets maken van spullen die je op allerlei manieren bij elkaar sprokkelt. Een fiets die helemaal jouw stijl is. Uniek is. En heel betaalbaar. Erg mooi gemaakt door een aantal studenten van de HKU Kunst...
New York Times best selling author Gregg Braden is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality. In this 30 minute interview he shares a lot of very interesting insights with us. One of them being that the elements that we call DNA literally are linked to the letters of the ancient alphabet. After 12 years of research the code of the uppermost layer of the human cell was cracked. It translates into "God Eternal Within The Body". PS It's my birthday today.... Virtual pie for everybody! Thanks to devliegendeamsterdammer for the tip! via zinfo
Shipping containers are being reused as housing. It's green because the technique reuses something that is plentiful and often single use. Architects like Adam Kalkin are really inspired by the trend.
The future is not something that just happens to us, but an experience we create collectively by choosing how we live. Much as many people (for better or worse) can cook a soup together, and the choice of ingredients determines the type of soup. The story in this presentation is told in a visual way with simple drawings. It was made by Ines Seidel.
An inspiring presentation about storytelling by Michael Margolis.
If you think the amount of media being produced these days is overwhelming then think what will happen when nowadays kids have grown up. They really know how to create. Take Jack. He's 4 years old and he's a DJ.
Visual futurist Syd Mead (Blade Runner, Aliens, Tron) reflects upon the nature of creativity and how it drives the future.
Eergisteren heb ik deze presentatie van Nick Campbell gekeken. Een boeiend verhaal over de mogelijkheden die de digitale creatieven nu hebben. Maar dat juist die mogelijkheden sommigen tot stilstand brengen. Want iedereen kan tegenwoordig fotograferen, een video schieten, een boek schrijven, een...
On Sunday March 9, a panel came together at the interactive festival SXSW to discuss 'Sexual Privacy Online'. One of the interesting questions that popped up was: Do you have the right to be anonymous? I think that's hard to achieve. In some online environments you want to be anonymous, in others it is necessary that you identify yourself. What do you think about all this?
"Paying attention" may become more than just a figure of speech. WSJ's Andy Jordan talks to proponents of various alternative currencies that are for instance based on experience or attention - the new scarce resources. Their efforts to "democratize finance" are also a reaction to the economic crisis which undermined the trust in the stability of financial systems. Worth paying attention to! (via WSJ)
Jeremiah Owyang gives us an update on what the future of the social web is going to bring us. The impact of the social web is huge because now the people start to really own the market instead of the companies. I'm wondering which companies will be able to adjust to these changes in time and which companies will disappear.
After the Origami project, Microsoft now gives us a preview of what healthcare could look like in the future. Instant sharing of and access to information seems to be their main prediction. With integrated displays everywhere. Thanks to Linton for the tip!

We Think

To promote his new book 'We Think', Charles Leadbeater had this animation made which tells us about the new era where people share ideas instead of keeping them to themselves. After watching the video I would like to ask you to leave a comment to tell me where you think this is heading. via extend limits
Business can be done in many ways. Zappos, the online shoe store, turns it into something that everyone enjoys. Both customers and employees. If you want to work for them and you finished their training course, you receive 2000 US dollars if you quit. The reason they do this is to make sure that the new employees are people that are really motivated about working at Zappos.
In this rare MTV interview, Michael Jackson talks about what motives his creativity. He says he tries to make something different and that songs really write themselves. Sounds like Jackson subscribed to the genius theory of creativity.
About two weeks ago I was in Paris where they had a similar bicycle sharing system like this. Also during a trip to Sevilla (Spain) there were lots of bikes to be shared. So here in Europe it's not that new, but the new thing is that this is a US based company: Bcycle. Will Americans get on a bicycle for their short trips?
Ben Hourahine, Futures Editor at Leo Burnett (London), predicts the advertising trends of tomorrow. One of his predictions is 'screen saturation'. This means: screens everywhere. This means: more advertising. This means: people being pushed to buy everywhere. This means: more unhappy people? via dutch cowboys
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