Solo Moonwalks, group Moonwalks, corporate Moonwalks, Lego Moonwalks, cat Moonwalks, ballet Moonwalks, video game Moonwalks ... Michael Jackson is inspiring people across the globe to move! Everyone I have shown this video to immediately tried to moonwalk too. At eternal moonwalk (by studio brussel) you can see the complete collection of Moonwalk video snippets (and contribute your own). (via wikinomics)

Jonathan Yuen

image Beautifully made website of Jonathan Yuen.Related News: - CircoRipopolo - Women'Secret - Mystery At Mansfield Manor
After introducing new FRESH features, I now like to show you the new FRESH webdesign. Check it out. I hope you enjoy this new tweaked version of Fresh Creation. Become a member and let me know what you think of it by leaving a comment. Thanks for your input!
image The mini site that Audi introduced for their R8 is so well made that you actually get a sense of what it would be like to own one. And I would like to own one. Stunning webdesign.Bonus video of Audi R8 Audi R8 test drive in the desert of Nevada via
image Fresh Creation has created its very own sexy Sloggi billboard. And so can you. Just go to the Sloggi Billboard Director that in10 created, pick a background, choose the models, make them pose like you want them to and there you have it: your very own Sloggi Billboard. Watch the video that I found if you want to get to know one of the models immediately. Related News: - This Girl Really Loves Fresh Creation - Sexy Ironing Instructions - The Boss Around Concept


image Danish advertising agency LaFamilia shows its portfolio in a very smooth way.Related News: - Puma Mongolian Shoe BBQ - SectionSeven - Jonathan Yuen
image At first it seems like an ordinary website (with a really long download time). Nothing special. But if you wait long enough all hell breaks loose.via Related News: - Loads Of Webdesign Inspiration - Design Your Own Bag - OpenDesigns - Free Webdesign Templates
De nieuwe website van zOem is live. Ik was verantwoordelijk voor concept, webdesign, fotografie en zelfs een klein deel copywriting. De tekstuele inhoud op de content-pagina's van de site zijn door zOem-oprichters Louis en Marc gevuld. Mooi verhaal Al een tijdje was ik...
I'm struggling with a dilemma and I'm asking you for your help on what to do. The question is: Should I post videos directly on the homepage of Fresh Creation or not? I'm really not sure what would be...
Crumpler is a company that makes all kinds of bags. And when you're a company that makes bags you probably also want to sell them. You'd think. But the Crumpler website is so weird that I have doubts if that's their main online goal. Perhaps their online goal is just to make people think "What the hell is this?" and, like me, start to write about it. If so, their website is a success. Also pretty strange: Custom Crumpler (customize your own Crumpler bag) Sputnik Agency (the company that made the Crumpler website)
Dit zat er aan te komen. Foto's gekoppeld aan lokatie en tijd. WhatWasThere heet de website. Wat ik me wel direct afvraag is waarom ze niet alle foto's op Flickr met geo-tags en tijdstempel aan deze website hebben gekoppeld? En ook Youtube filmpjes...
Puma has launched a great website: Puma Football. Don't miss out on the 'Your Career' and 'Buffon' section. via
Al een tijdje ben ik op de achtergrond bezig met het 'GoodMornings project'. Wat dit project precies in gaat houden ga ik nog niet vertellen. En welke mooie mensen er bezig zijn om het te realiseren vertel ik ook nog niet. Nieuwsgierig?...
In 2005 startte ik met Fresh Creation. Een inspiratie weblog dat al snel internationaal werd opgepikt. Het groeide groter en groter... Met pieken van meer dan 40.000 bezoekers op 1 dag. Toch ben ik er een tijdje mee gestopt. Omdat ik merkte dat het...
At you can fully customize your own Reebok shoes. Choose your colours, your personalized heel ID or the fact if you want an extra pair of laces in your shoebox... Reebok shows how mass personalization can be put into practice. The website is very easy to use and you can let someone else know about your design by sending him or her an e-mail or an sms. For the fans: Here's the exclusive Fresh Creation Reebok shoeline that I put together in a couple of minutes.
MarketingFacts, a Dutch marketing blog for which I also blog now and then, has just launched the completely new design of its website. Marco Derksen is the founder and most fanatic blogger of MarketingFacts. Good luck to him and all of the other MarketingFacts members/bloggers!
ze frank is een held. Voor mij dan. Hij combineert comedy, creativiteit en online tools met video. En hij is ook af en toe in het echt te bewonderen. What's so funny about the Web?
Boven zie je een deel van mijn zojuist gelanceerde website De reden voor de site is dat ik merkte dat ik veel breder werk dan enkel de vormen die ik hanteer. Ik doe dus veel meer dan alleen een video...
Mooi hoe snel dingen kunnen gaan. Twee weken geleden kreeg ik het idee om een aparte site te starten voor het aanbieden van gesprekken, ontmoetingen en portretten op video. En nu is het een feit: Het proces na het idee is...
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