Art Director/Designer Joe Stewart surprises with a nice way of presenting himself. Don't forget to check out his portfolio. Nice.
The Webby Awards has a tradition of only allowing 5 word acceptance speeches. From the recent 13th annual show, my personal favorite was Wired's, which you can see above. My other 9 favorite speeches are apart of the full post, along with links to the related websites.2. MediaStorm 3. The Onion 4. Tim Berners-Lee 5. Boston Globe 6. Bluecadet Interactive 7. Fifty People, One Question 8. Smarthistory 9. Digitas Health 10. Odopod
image In case you're looking for some webdesign inspiration then this webdesign slideshow might be of great help to you. It contains a set of webdesigns which were handpicked by Lisa McMillan. Thanks to Henk Jan for the tip! Related News: - Design Your Own Bag - Guraphic - Welcome To C-Ville
Most banners wait for the audience to select them. This one selects the audience. As soon as a visitor uses his mouse, the interaction begins. The banner reacts to every move the visitor makes. Resulting in more attention, and a higher click through rate. Agency Hallelujah won an award for this banner at the European MSN 2006 Creative Competition.
image The Women'Secret site was created to show their new 2006 lingerie collection. Result: A beautiful website with photos that look even better. via
Ik kende deze video al waarbij je Noah K in een paar minuten 5,5 jaar ouder ziet worden. Wat ik nog niet kende was de bijbehorende website waar Noah iedere dag braaf een foto van zichzelf uploadt. Het blijft iets vreemds...
Mooi hoe snel dingen kunnen gaan. Twee weken geleden kreeg ik het idee om een aparte site te starten voor het aanbieden van gesprekken, ontmoetingen en portretten op video. En nu is het een feit: Het proces na het idee is...
What if the Google homepage had been designed by Dolce & Gabbana? Or Philippe Starck? Or the Beastie Boys? Well, now you can pick your own iGoogle artist theme. I picked the Edward Monkton theme. The video showcases the...
"I'm Pjotro. I love music, I love dancing and I love engineering." via


Turn on your speakers and enjoy.
image Yes, Made Of Japan. Not in Japan. Actually Made Of Japan was made for Onitsuka Tiger by two Dutch agencies: Woedend! and StrawberryFrog. What makes the website unique is that it checks 150 Japan-related blogs. Every hour. Then it analyzes the images on these blogs, sorts them by colour and places these images on Made Of Japan in the shape of a shoe.via Related News: - Fresh Creation In Sexy Sloggi Billboard - No Ordinary Website - Loads Of Webdesign Inspiration
Agency Mother has quite an unusual and fresh way of presenting its London office online. By clicking and dragging you are able to move through the whole building and get information about all kinds of Mother topics. 'Everything you wanted to know about Mother, but were too afraid to ask.'
In 2005 startte ik met Fresh Creation. Een inspiratie weblog dat al snel internationaal werd opgepikt. Het groeide groter en groter... Met pieken van meer dan 40.000 bezoekers op 1 dag. Toch ben ik er een tijdje mee gestopt. Omdat ik merkte dat het...
image The mini site that Audi introduced for their R8 is so well made that you actually get a sense of what it would be like to own one. And I would like to own one. Stunning webdesign.Bonus video of Audi R8 Audi R8 test drive in the desert of Nevada via
Vespa is introducing the new LX - The Kama Scooter. Both the website and the videos are made in Kama Sutra style. Go through the Kama Scooter book on the website to find out more about this sexy scooter. via
It's great how Forsman and Bodenfors made this online showroom for Ikea's dreamkitchens. Switch from one kitchen to another by moving your cursor on the screen.
I'm struggling with a dilemma and I'm asking you for your help on what to do. The question is: Should I post videos directly on the homepage of Fresh Creation or not? I'm really not sure what would be...
Ik zoek, maak en deel inspirerende verhalen. Eigenlijk laat ik dus nieuwe mogelijkheden zien. Uiteraard wil ik dat mijn website aansluit bij die doelstelling. Daarom blijft mijn website ook 'in ontwikkeling'. Telkens weer kijk ik wat er beter kan. Met die gedachte ben ik...
Ja, hij is live : Wat een enorm project is dit gaandeweg geworden. Zo'n 17 mensen (!) werkten er geheel vrijwillig aan mee. En na ruim een jaar is het dan eindelijk live! Het doel van de site is 'brighten up the...
image is made by Paul Neave and it really makes you think of the possibilities of turning websites into tv-channels. What does is show you selected clips from YouTube, Google Video and but it does this using the full size of your browser. So, it's actually like watching tv. You can als change to another clip really easily and pause a clip by pressing the spacebar on your keyboard. Enough talk. It's one of those sites that you just have to see. So go on... Do it.
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