I have always liked the combination of retro style with new technology. Hulger shows an extraordinary example of how this is done. Imagine answering your calls at the office with a telephone like this!
Pleix, a community of digital artists, certainly has the skills to make unusual videos. Though all their movies are interesting to look at I especially like one, titled NetLag, because of the story behind this movie. Pleix created NetLag using 1.609 webcams that were positioned all over the world. For a period of 24 hours every 10 seconds a picture was taken with each webcam. To be able to do this Pleix used specially developed software called 'PickSucker'. The result is great. It may remind you of the Google Search Activity Map.
A guy named Floyd Hayes put his 'voicevertising services' up for sale on eBay. This means that Floyd will shout out a brand name every fifteen minutes for an entire week -- no matter what location or situation, i.e. subways, elevators, bars, clubs, weddings or even business meetings. The company that bought Floyd's services couldn't be more suitable: HALLS Fruit Breezers. A throat drop that cools and soothes dry, scratchy throats, which Hayes is likely to experience on this mission. Should you want to see Floyd shout out "HALLS FRUIT BREEZERS!" then here (smallband) and here (broadband) is your chance. Source: Creative Facts

God Is A DJ

Great short movie for Pro X Fade Advanced Crossfader Technology, a high-end, customizable crossfading device designed for turntabilists. Source: TheSpunker
Retrievr is an amazing tool with which you can easily find pictures on Flickr. Draw a line on the sketchboard and Retrievr shows you the pics on Flickr which resemble the shape and the colour of the line. If the people behind Retrievr are able to develop this application to a higher level then copies of pictures can be traced on the web. Interesting if you look at it from a copyright point of view.
As you may have noticed, Fresh Creation had some technical problems. The reason? An experiment that I
Packaging design at its best. More and more people make their buying-decision as they are standing in front of the supermarket shelves. Investing in great packaging design seems a sensible thing to do. Too bad I see so little great examples. Or are there examples out there that I haven't seen? Agency: Naoto Fukasawa
After the success of the Milliondollarhomepage.com a lot of people started thinking: "I can do that too!" And so they did. I have no problem with this if the copycat-version is done in an original way. I found two examples which are interesting enough to have a look at. Perhaps they even bring a smile to your face. First: Milliondollarscreenshot.com. On the website you will find a screenshot of the desktop of the guy who runs it. For 100 dollar you can have your own icon put on his desktop. And naturally this icon will link to a website of your choice. Second: FillMyRoom.com. Here the Milliondollarhomepage concept is brought to life. Instead of pixels you can buy real-life coloured blocks. When you buy a block it will be placed in the room of the guy who runs the site. Then he will take a pic of the result so you can have a look at it on the website. The final goal is to actually fill the room with colourful blocks. You know any other Milliondollarhomepage clones? Let me know...
Kodak put its new logo on the panties of at least two hot short-skirted ladies they hired. The ladies had to walk around, 'accidentally' drop things and pick them up again during a photo convention in Kiev, Ukraine. Assvertising this is called. More pics of Kodak's assvertising: pic 1, pic 2, pic 3, pic 4 Source: TheSpunker

Big Pimpin

Quote: Becker Jet Vans are created with the same objectives employed in the most advanced private aircraft; offering maximum interior spacious, luxury, comfort and utility. This means extremely comfortable leather seats, 5.1 home theater system, broadband internet and a fridge on board of your very own big pimpin van. Check out the pics on the website of Beck Jet Vans (downloading may take some time).