Vizoo is an advertising film company, developing and producing new media with "edge". For a fashionstore in Kopenhagen this "edge" meant that Vizoo came up with the idea of having a woman strip in it. After shoppinghours. In 3D. Watch the result here (move above). This Vizoo 3D show of a Lexus is also good to watch. The police had to drop by because the gathering crowd was jamming the traffic.
Honda recently released their amazing Honda Civic commercial (watch clip above) which you can spot all over the web right now. Last year the Honda Accord commercial also caused a lot of rumour on the internet. So much that some guys decided to make a remake of that commercial. It's up to you to spot the differences. First watch the original and then the remake (below). For the 3D fans: a 3D remake by clikclak. Source:
Visit Webcamtastic (beta-version) if you are not satisfied with the shape of your own face. Or if you just want to have some fun. Webcamtastic offers you all kinds of tools and features to manipulate your face. When you find your perfect shape you can save the image and have it sent to you by e-mail. Webcam required!
It's great how Forsman and Bodenfors made this online showroom for Ikea's dreamkitchens. Switch from one kitchen to another by moving your cursor on the screen.
Findr is a tool which has been created to easily find pictures on Flickr. It works simple: enter an initial tag, click 'go' and related pictures appear. At the same time related tags appear on your screen. Click a related tag and pics tagged with both the initial and the related tag are shown on the screen. Easy does it.
At you can fully customize your own Reebok shoes. Choose your colours, your personalized heel ID or the fact if you want an extra pair of laces in your shoebox... Reebok shows how mass personalization can be put into practice. The website is very easy to use and you can let someone else know about your design by sending him or her an e-mail or an sms. For the fans: Here's the exclusive Fresh Creation Reebok shoeline that I put together in a couple of minutes.
I recently bought a 12 inch Powerbook. And I love it. It's small, easy to use and looks great. In the meantime Apple introduced the MacBook Pro. The new and 4 times faster version of the Powerbook. But will the commercial of the MacBook Pro also outdo the commercial of the Powerbook?
The title of this message refers to one of the events that will happen between now and 2015. At least that is what this amazing and mindblowing 8 minute flashvideo about the world in 2015 claims. A world in which journalism as we know it has ceased to exist. I hope the flashvideo will be wrong but unfortunately it shows something that could actually happen. Or not? What do you think?
Look what I spotted today in the Bijenkorf in Amsterdam: Van Oranje caps. Evidently these caps were designed with the Von Dutch brand in mind. The Van Oranje cap can be worn to cheer on the Dutch soccer team during the World Cup in Germany this year. I wonder if Von Dutch is happy with this 'fresh' creation. By the way, Oranje means orange. The Dutch national soccer team is usually referred to as Oranje.
Today I am a 'Featured Blogger' on Technorati! Keep refreshing the homepage of and you'll be sure to see my ugly face pop up at some point. Thanks for pointing it out to me, Jorrit! ;-)